West Bank

Winster, Derbyshire

An accident waiting to happen?

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And it's narrow too

This will give an idea of just how narrow in places.
NOTE: There are more often than not parked vehicles on the hill, so width is reduced
often by 50%

That is why there are signs top and bottom.

Who takes any notice?

Who enforces the law?

Take a walk on the steep side:
(Note: These photos were taken at a time of day when there were not so many parked vehicles.)

Going Down               Going Up
(Numbers in red are feet above sea level)

Advance warning, top of West Bank


L: Bank Top  (oh look, there are some road signs)    R: Junct with Main Street.

          New road markings, Bank Top. Late 2015                     New sign at Junct with Main St June 2016


L: By the Old Workhouse          R: Approaching village hall


L: Junction with East Bank (and another sign)         R: Old Shoulder of Mutton


L: at the Dell. It gets much steeper from here.     R: Mia Casa, bad corner


L: The Reservoir. Steepest part.     R: Chapel Steps. One of the narrowest parts.


L: By the Grit bin. Bad corner       R: Approaching Grit Bin


L: Chapel Steps      R: Reservoir, approaching the Dell


L: Mia Casa, bad corner       R: The Dell


L: Old Shoulder of Mutton (wall and rt hit numerous times)   R: East Bank Junction


L: By the Village Hall       R: Approaching main road junct


L: Bottom of West Bank, joins Main Street    R: Top of West Bank, joins B5056


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