West Bank

Winster, Derbyshire


Drivers prosecuted

 West Bank has an average gradient of 1:6 but in places is steeper than that.
This hill is plagued by heavy vehicles, often using it as a shortcut to or from Darley Dale
to save the trouble of following the correct route via Pickory Corner/A6.

A 3 ton weight restriction was placed on West bank in 1973 and updated in 1988.
These were largely ignored by vehicles.

A proper weight restriction of 3.5t was established for West Bank by
Derbyshire County Council in July 2008.

This is enforceable.


Including costs

This driver was fined £432 + £115 costs + £43 Victim surcharge

including costs

This driver was fined £125 + £145 costs and victim surcharge

Including costs

On 12 July 17 this driver was fined £146 + £145 costs

Including costs.

Main Street, Winster

Fined £80 + costs and victim surcharge of £145


Fines £83 + 145 costs & victim surcharge.**

** A change in court proceedings now gives drivers the opportunity to plead guilty by post.
Fines/costs are now tending to be lower

Fined £126 + £115 costs + £30 victim surcharge.

Magistrates fined this one £94 + £115 costs + £30 victim surcharge


At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court 7.12.16
Driver fined £200 + £145 costs

At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court  3.11.16
Driver fined £216 + £145 costs

At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court. 28.9.16
Full artic MX 57 MGO breaching 7.5t restriction on Main St, Winster.
Fines £383 with costs of £115 and victim surcharge of £38    (=£536)
(no picture)


At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court, 28.9.16
This driver fined £438 with costs of £115 and victim surcharge of £43  (=£596)


At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court  17 Feb 2016

The driver of this vehicle pleaded guilty and was fined £310 + £115 costs + £31 Victim Surcharge


 At Chesterfield Magistrates' Court  20 Jan 2016


Driver fined £165 + £135 costs


Driver fined £50 + £135 costs


Driver artic (no picture) PO 62 BUE fined £50 + £135 costs



On 10.12.15 Chesterfield Magistrates fined the driver of this vehicle £116 + £115 costs + £170 Court costs  = £401


Chesterfield Magistrates on 11.11.15 fined this driver £253 + £115 costs +£175 court costs  = £543


In Chesterfield Magistrates' Court on 11.11.15 the driver of this vehicle was fined £276 + £115 costs+ £170 court costs = £561


The driver of this vehicle was fined  a total of £219 at Chesterfield Magistrates' Court.
(£84 + £135 costs)


At Chesterfield Magistrate's Court on 19 Aug 2015 this driver was fined
£450 with £160 costs/victim surcharge







5 Aug 15
FN 13 WKD - a 50ft flatback lorry with a 30ft trailer stopped in the Main Street, Winster, before trying to turn up West Bank.
He was warned that he was a) in a 7.5t limit and b)West Bank is a 3.5t limit. He turned round and retraced his steps to Darley Dale.
the driver was fined £415 including costs, and a £156 victim surcharge was added.  Total £571


£371 EACH



 Each of these drivers fined £233 with £115 costs and £23 'victim surcharge'

In addition one of these vehicles was fines a further £233 TWICE [ie £742] for using
Sydnope Hill (7.5t limit)  and Darley Bridge-Winster (7.5t limit)













[This] prosecution for West Bank was heard in Chesterfield Court [23.4.15?]
- driver came down from Lancashire but pleaded guilty and was then
 fined £303 with £115 costs and £40 victim surcharge, so quite an expensive 'short-cut'
for him after 40 years' blemish-free driving!
(from Trading Standards)
















The driver of this tanker appeared in Chesterfield court on 18 Feb 2015 and pleaded guilty.
He was fined £440 with £115 costs and a £44 victim surcharge. 
(The maximum fine is £1000)












Kevin Goodman, the driver of this 44tonne vehicle appeared at Chesterfield Magistrate's Court on 18 March 2015.

*Prosecuting solicitor Geoffrey Hardy, representing Derbyshire County Council’s trading standards, said:
“There are concerns along the length of West Bank at Winster junction with East Bank and the nearby B5057.
There is an order prohibiting heavy commercial vehicles operating with vehicles with a weight exceeding 7.5tonnes.
It’s an environmental weight limit to exclude HGVs from a narrow and steep hill with residents’ cars parked on both sides.”

*Goodman stated: “I deeply regret the incident. It was a new job and I was in an area I was not familiar with and I was relying on Sat Nav.”
He was fined £114 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £115 costs.








 *Philip Grindey drove a 32tonne milk tanker through Winster’s 7.5tonne limit zone in December.
Grindey, 63, of Mappleton, Ashbourne, also pleaded guilty to contravening traffic regulations. [Chesterfield Magistrates 18.3.15]
 He was fined £139 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £115 costs.
 Mr Grindey told the court he had become complacent and had not realised he could not legally go through this part of Winster.  

*Extracted from Matlock Mercury, 19.3.15

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